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It's Time to Move On

Seven years of spending pretty much all your spare time on any one thing is a long time. Seven years of learning, exploring, making friends, and having a whole lot of fun goes by so fast though.

The last seven years of contributing to Joomla! have gone by so fast. I’ve learned so much, I’ve met so many talented people, I’ve made more than a few amazing friends.

In the last seven years I’ve written documentation, tested bugs, and even fixed a bug or two. I've written for the magazine, spoken at events around the world, and even directed a few events myself. I've helped promote Joomla, and most likely done a few other things I’m forgetting right now.

My favorite part of Joomla has been the Joomla community. Hundreds of individuals, working together to make Joomla happen. It’s amazing, even though the spirit and drive of our community has changed in more recent years. But I'm confident that it’s still capable of doing amazing things.

But right now, it’s time to move on. I have to get my head above the water with other parts of life. There's a new job that I love, even though it’s taking way too much of my time. I really need to focus on personal relationships, and some other important things that haven’t gotten done lately, like laundry, and raking leaves. (Seriously, my neighbors give me dirty looks now).

I’m currently working to responsibly hand over the tasks and roles I’ve filled in Joomla. More talented, and passionate volunteers will fill those places, doing even better work.

I might be back, who knows. Contributing to Open Source is addicting, it really is. Working with brilliant and talented people the world over to create amazing things is an experience I never want to leave. But for now, I’ll watch from afar (or nearby, however close Twitter allows me to get) as the Joomla family continues to move forward.

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